Meet our core team & contributors

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  • Jenna
  • Rachel
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  • Alexa
  • Vern
  • Jontue
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Brit Galanin element
Brit Galanin element

Brit Galanin

Managing Partner

Brit is responsible for driving client brand innovation and strategy at Element. A sociologist by training with a background in survey research, Brit combines her acute knowledge of human behavior with her social science research skills to help clients efficiently expand markets and reach new audiences.

Brit is co-owner of The Boardroom, Alaska’s first coworking company, and was recently named one of Alaska’s Top Forty Under 40. A lifelong Alaskan and a graduate of Leadership Anchorage, Brit is very active in her community and on the state level: she currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Sitka Legacy Foundation, is a past President of the Anchorage Federation of Community Councils, and has served on the Anchorage Downtown Partnership and Institute of the North boards. Brit holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology from the University of Alaska Anchorage Honors College. She brings over ten years of project management and client service experience to Element.

Jenna Hooley element
Jenna Hooley element

Jenna Hooley

Account Executive

Jenna brings ten years of client service and project management experience to the Element team. With a background in advertising, brand development and web, she has worked on strategy, messaging and production for a range of organizations from large corporations, to start ups, and non-profit groups.

At Element, Jenna is responsible for leading the client relationship and the internal team to successful project outcomes. With a natural inclination towards process and organization, Jenna is skilled at taking big ideas and coming up with execution strategies, down to the last detail. She approaches her clients as partners and maintains collaboration, communication and commitment to meeting their goals.

Originally from Indiana, Jenna spent her summers in Alaska since age 7. Her love for the beauty and recreation in our state called her back, and after college she made Anchorage her full time home. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University where she studied Retail Management and Organizational Leadership. Jenna has served on boards for United Way of Anchorage and the American Marketing Association Alaska Chapter.

Rachel Klein Element
Rachel Klein Element

Rachel Klein

Social Media Strategist

As Element’s lead social media strategist, Rachel oversees social strategy, production and content curation for a variety of clients and platforms.

With a clean eye for design, a precocious aptitude for social strategy, and an uncanny ability to write engaging content, Rachel has organically grown her personal Instagram account, @thenortherncurrent, to over 10k followers. She uses this social media savviness to help Element clients better reach, attract and communicate with their audiences, and to develop a strong brand voice.

Rachel hails from Bristol Bay and obtained an English degree and a Masters in Education from Washington’s Pacific Lutheran University. Rachel is also the co-owner of Galanin + Klein, a brick and mortar boutique located in Sitka.

Katie Franciosi
Katie Franciosi

Katie Franciosi

Content Producer

Katie has always been up for adventure. Being born and raised in Valdez, Alaska, instilled in her a drive to explore and experience new places. From a young age she has always loved listening to epic stories after epic days in the backcountry, a new country, or even just in someone’s backyard.

Katie has spent her young adult life traveling, meeting new people and studying. Passionate for stories and travel, she completed a BA in English with honors at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and a minor in German after spending a year abroad in Austria.

Connecting with people and their community through stories will continue to drive her creativity and ground her to Alaska and Alaskans. Katie is committed to being the best and most wide eyed audience member to any storyteller.

Alexa Blickenstaff

Creative Assistant

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Alexa traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe before falling in love with Southeast Alaska. From whale watching in the bay, to climbing Harbor Mountain in Sitka, to eating freshly caught fish, she has fully embraced the Alaska lifestyle and is now proud to call Sitka home.

As Element’s Creative Assistant, Alexa applies her strong social media skills, graphic design talent, and great attitude to a variety of creative projects at Element. Currently finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at Southern Utah University, Alexa has created graphics and managed social media accounts for several major companies, including Favorite Family Recipes, which boasts more than 2.1 million followers on Facebook. Alexa loves creating fun and vibrant content, and connecting with others through social media.

Vern Smith

Web Developer

Vern brings over a decade of web design and development experience to the Element team, and is our go-to lead developer for crafting complex online solutions. Over the years, Vern has managed large-scale website projects on multiple platforms and languages including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and Woocommerce.

Vern has a background in graphic design and is uniquely suited to blend the worlds of design and web development. He works seamlessly with our team members to incorporate smart, goal-based user experiences; implement beautiful, effective designs; and to create mobile-to-desktop optimized, immersive, online experiences for all of our website projects.

Jontue Hollingsworth


Originally from The Bahamas, Jontue Hollingsworth is an independent designer focused on creating a clear message through bold expression. His mission is to be brave, thoughtful, open-minded and ultimately, make something good.

Jontue primarily works as a brand designer, lending his design expertise across traditional media and interactive platforms. A firm believer in using his powers for good, he routinely uses art and design to explore ways to support important causes and ideas. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication and Design from the University of Nebraska and has hands-on experience as a designer, art director, and creative director at multiple agencies and design studios. In over an 18-year career, his work has received numerous statewide awards and has been recognized nationally.

Jontue’s work can be seen at https://hollingsworthdesign.co/.

Nora Gecan


For the past ten years, Nora has provided high-quality and award-winning work to a wide variety of clientele in Alaska. Her work is strengthened by four and a half years of experience in both an advertising agency and in-house art department.

Nora is committed to listening to clients, creating work based on research and collaboration, and providing a high level of professionalism and creativity. She provides a flexible suite of services that can be scaled and tailored to your goals, from full-blown brand creation to one-off creative design projects.

View more of Nora’s work at https://www.noragecan.com/.

We’re half fun, half business.

At Element, we pride ourselves on bringing positive energy to our clients. You’ll find us to be open, honest, and extremely collaborative, with your goals always at the center of our work.

We are lightweight, multidisciplinary and adaptive.

Our core team is comprised of designers, strategists, writers, web developers, filmmakers and photographers. With every project, we assemble a custom team of the best people to get the job done. This means you’ll always work with the right team to achieve your goal.

Together, we have a knack for transforming big ideas into narratives and collateral that reaches, resonates with, and moves your audience to action. We act as an extension of your team and see our clients as partners in creating exceptional work.

From the tundras, forests and communities of the interior, to the urban streets of Anchorage and our coastline’s fishing grounds, our clients have unique stories and ways of doing business. We look forward to sharing yours.