Our challenge

The Inuit Circumpolar Council is working to revitalize and reclaim traditional Inuit values. We were tasked with creating posters to conceptualize and promote this vision. This was a fun challenge with an important goal, and we wanted to create a high impact, meaningful design.

The solution

Simply put, to create our solution we just had to listen. We listened to strong stories of how morals and healthy communities are fostered with traditional practices. These stories brought forth an array of images to the mind, which we illustrated into concepts.

The reaction

There are a lot of details and personal meaning in the artwork. Overall, the art addresses the importance of mentorship, the way of life and the wisdom of the elders. These posters are a shining example of the culture that the Inuit Circumpolar Council is working to protect. When they received the artwork, one committee member exclaimed, “Finally! This is what we’ve been waiting for!”

Art and strong graphic design can be used to evoke emotion, to communicate complex ideas, and can make a lasting impression on the audience. Our favorite projects incorporate strong design and strong values to accomplish clear goals. How can we move your audience?

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