Creating a visual brand

With over 25 years of experience working to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of mental illness and substance abuse, Sitka Counseling has become a world-class treatment facility with numerous supporting programs. Their visual brand, however, was almost nonexistent. Our goal was simple: help them look like the innovative, 21st-century organization that they are.

Building a system

We created a new brand identity system for Sitka Counseling, and crafted the organization’s first ever brand guidelines. The guidelines focused on their visual brand and corporate culture and voice. We onboarded their staff, and rolled out the brand through new communication materials and a fully responsive website. To build the overall strength of the brand, we also developed sub-identities for their numerous speciality and treatment programs.

The brand pairs the positive energy of a fresh color palette with patterns/textures inspired by nature, psychology and spirituality. These patterns allow for greater flexibility among branded material while still being able to work as whole.

We explored various directions related to the design of the new brand and its evolution online. We designed and developed a new website that works seamlessly across all digital devices, and enables Sitka Counseling to share their message to a broader audience.

Sitka Counseling has developed five main areas of specialization for treatment. They sometimes operate independently from one another. For this reason we developed an identity for each that allows them to have their own distinct mark, while still strengthening the overall brand recognition.

The end results

The new identity, website, and branded material firmly establish Sitka Counseling as the premier community leader of behavioral health in Southeast Alaska. In addition, corporate culture improved, as staff felt “brand pride” and could see clear, visual ties to their programs and the organization. We look forward to being a part of their growth when it’s time to take the next step forward.

“We had a great experience working with Element Agency. They helped us create a fresh and clean brand identity and website. Our website is now modern, user friendly and has significantly improved our online presence.”

- Amy Zanuzoski, Executive Director, Sitka Counseling

Consistency establishes familiarity. With thoughtful messaging, frequent exposure and quality experience, an even greater audience will see Sitka Counseling as a positive force in the community striving to prevent and treat behavioral health issues.

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