A brand facelift

In 2017, Visit Sitka approached Element for brand positioning and collateral design services. Their existing branding was falling short of reaching key audiences, and their suite of collateral felt dated and out of sync with their fresh approach to marketing. Since then, we’ve worked with Visit Sitka to create a fresh new brand, an even stronger marketing strategy, and a suite of stunning marketing collateral.

Refining the original logo

The original Visit Sitka wordmark had strong brand recognition, but we immediately identified a few ways to strengthen the legibility of the existing logo. The result: a cleaner logo with fine-tuned alignment and white space that reproduce well at small sizes.

Adding character and expanding the brand suite

In addition to improving the wordmark, we also created a brand color palette that reflects the local landscape, adopted typography to match the friendly but professional tone of the organization, designed some Sitka inspired textures to add flavor throughout their collateral, and added fun new icons to improve the brand hierarchy.

A new suite of print collateral

Past Visit Sitka print collateral felt dated and off brand, falling short of communicating all that Sitka has to offer. Using fresh design and marketing techniques, Element revamped the print materials to include a Visit Sitka magazine and fun, easy-to-use pocket maps.

A fresh website

The old website was dated and clunky — uncomfortable for the viewer, and difficult to improve on the back-end. Element built a new, immersive website for Visit Sitka, showcasing the beauty and vibrancy of this small town, as well as the wide array of top-notch accommodations, activities, dining, shopping, events and excursions the community has to offer. Element designed the user experience and interface, developed the website, and created the new, immersive content.

Old site:

New site, clean design and optimized for mobile:

Outcomes and looking forward

As Visit Sitka’s official marketing partner, Element continues to create high impact content and collateral for Sitka and its visitors. You can experience the immersive website live at www.visitsitka.org and follow along with our social media efforts on Instagram @visitsitka.

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